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Covid: India moves towards third wave, China clears infection-World

The National Committee of Experts appointed by the National Disaster Management Institute has issued an important alarm to the Ministry of Interior that the third wave of Covid-19 may reach its peak in India in late October. The group’s report includes the head of the country’s most important research institute and was the first Indian voice to agree with foreign researchers’ predictions for the third wave. According to scientists, although the number of new cases is declining, the third wave of outbreaks has already begun in the country: since the last week of July, the R index of virus transmission has actually been rising. The study submitted to Prime Minister Modi’s office today specifically focuses on strategies to protect the most vulnerable children from the virus.

Experts emphasized that the country “in terms of the number of pediatricians, equipment, and health personnel, is basically not ready to deal with emergencies that may occur if a large number of children are hit by the virus” and recommended that children be vaccinated as soon as possible. possible. Frail children and people with disabilities. According to this study, 80% of primary care centers in India lack pediatricians and any type of children’s treatment equipment.

At the same time, about a month after evaluating the Delta variant Covid outbreak at Nanjing Airport in mid-July, China cancelled internally transmitted infections on Sunday. The National Health Commission reported that there were 21 imported cases, including 5 in Guangdong, 4 in Shanghai, 3 in Tianjin and Yunnan, 2 in Beijing, and 1 each in Shanxi, Zhejiang and Henan. And Sichuan. The resurgence of China’s worst epidemic in months, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, has been brought under control through large-scale testing and targeted campaign lockdowns.

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