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Creative geniuses all have this in common-this is not what you think

Twenty years after his death, Tupac Shakur is still composing music.

Can someone explain how this is possible? seriously. He has produced 15 albums-10 of them are posthumous.

In the five years from 1992 to 1996, he created a dozen albums, eight feature films, countless commercials, music videos, and even two collections of poems.

This is forward the Internet.

From an interview:

“I’m here to be 100% true to them. I don’t compromise on anything. Anyone who talks about me has problems. You know what I’m talking about? I’m going straight to them. Just like people on the street. That’s how I came to the whole world. The world. I am real. I will grow with my music.”

I think it goes without saying: PROLIFIC.

However… For all his efforts, Tupac only got 13 Billboard Hot 100 hits-and he only relied on California Love.

Are you crazy?

What if Tupac has only one number one ranking you Expect to create outstanding and lasting value? How can you maximize your chances of producing masterpieces, or even profitable businesses that can stand the test of time?

simple. You came up with a lot of ideas.

according to Adam Grant In his New York Times bestseller “Original,” creative geniuses and successful entrepreneurs are no better than their peers in their field-they just create more jobs. A lot more. This gives them greater changes and therefore a higher chance of generating great success.

Do you want evidence?

Shakespeare. In 20 years, 37 plays and 154 sonnets were created. A lot of rubbish was scattered along the way. Ever heard of Pericles or Tin Man of Athens? No, neither did I. Thanks to Wikipedia.

Einstein: use General and Special Theory of Relativity But almost all other 240 papers have minimal impact on science.

Stephen King: He has written more than 55 novels, hundreds of short stories and six non-fiction books. Once upon a time, they did not always sell automatically.

Thomas Edison: Between the ages of 30 and 35, he pioneered the invention of the light bulb, phonograph and carbon phone. During this period, he also applied for more than 100 other patents that no one had heard of (Including a super creepy talking doll). There are a total of 1093 patents, and the truly remarkable results can be counted with one hand.

Have you noticed the pattern here? In each field, even the most outstanding, “genius” “genius” has produced a large number of forgotten, average or substandard works.

“Tupac Formula”: Generate more work

this is very simple. The more ideas you put forward and the more jobs you generate, the more success you will achieve.

Tupac proved this “formula” perfectly. From 1992 to 1996, he composed 700-900 songs! ! Like his more academic predecessors, he will definitely come up with some pops! He has been on the list 13 times. good.

(remember, He died at the age of 25. What are you doing at 25! ? )

Before he was killed, he just strode forward, which is not surprising.

According to Grant, in all fields, the most prolific creators have the highest originality and produced the best works during the period when they were the most productive.

Quality and quantity

Popular beliefs and academia will make you think that if you want to do better, you must do less. Obviously, there is a trade-off between quantity and quality.

Not so fast.

According to Grant, this proved to be wrong. In terms of idea generation, quantity is often the most predictable way to success.

Why is this important?

Because as an entrepreneur, you must act quickly. You can’t just focus on an idea, put all your energy and resources into it, and expect it to shine.

It won’t work like that.

Many creators will never be able to realize their potential, because they just put forward some ideas and then obsessed with perfecting them.

As a creator, you can’t know what will work—no matter how original or revolutionary you think your ideas are. All creators protect and even worship their ideas. This means that many creators like unpopular projects and ideas.


Guide your inner Tupac.

Produce a lot, and then collect feedback.

This is what inspired me to write more than 100 blog posts in a year. I have some very popular posts there, but most of them are forgotten! Hell, I am even embarrassed by many of them. But this is the point. You must persevere and let the public be your touchstone.

The best way to better judge your ideas is to collect feedback. See which ideas resonate with your target audience, then iterate quickly. Unfettered belief in your ideas is very dangerous.

(Can you imagine if Tupac spent a year on each record? We might never get I am the enemy of the world or Concentrate on me–Some of the best albums of all time. )

No. Do you want to see how Tupac makes the album? See him explain. This is your weekly motivation.

Entrepreneurs create opportunities for themselves by constantly creating solutions.

Continue to guide your inner Tupac.

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