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‘Cruella’ Comment | Dramatic fusion of movies, comedy is worth looking forward to

New York-Memorial Day weekend is likely to determine the recent development of the film industry, because this is the first time two blockbusters have appeared on the big screen at the same time since the pandemic began.

No one really knows whether millions of people are ready to come back and sit down in the cinema again.

“Crula” tells the origin story of one of Disney’s most notorious villains.

It has been five years since Emma Stone signed to play Cruella, because it took some time to get the tone of the script to be just right.

Director Craig Gillespie managed to crack the code with a script rewritten by Tony McNamara. Tony McNamara helped Stone win the “favorite Oscar nomination for “Movie”.

Gillespie said: “This is the tone we pursue.” “The joke is both ironic, funny and funny.”

“Crula” is a so-called prequel: it means that the incident occurred in the 1970s, long before the two films that played Glenn Close as Cruel Deville.

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Stone explained the new film, “Starting with the young Crura, she was originally called Estella (Estella), and followed her journey and how she developed into this iconic character.”

Early on, she worked with thief and thieves played by Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser and journalist Anita.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste said of her role: “She is actually an observer.” “She is figuring out the story with the audience, and the audience can figure out the story through her.”

Estella is Emma Thompson’s super demanding baroness fashion designer.

Thompson said: “She has become unspeakably strong.” “And she will not let anything stand in her way.”

Therefore, it made sense when Estella decided to become Cruella and pursue a strict revenge.

Hauser said: “Obviously, the moral compass is going south somewhere in the middle of the movie.”

This kind of fusion of drama and comedy is particularly difficult to achieve, but because of the talented actors who performed well in their games, this movie scored high enough to be worth the wait.

“Cruella” comes from Walt Disney Pictures and belongs to the same parent company as the TV station.

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