Crypto-Industry Leaders Gather at FAMEEX Global Agent Conference as Planned ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Crypto-Industry Leaders Gather at FAMEEX Global Agent Conference as Planned ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Hunter Shannon, a serial entrepreneur, blockchain evangelist, and one of the founders of FAMEEX, has announced the first conference delicate to global agents in the blockchain and crypto industry from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26. This conference is striving to become one of the largest FAMEEX campaigns and expect our agents with the top influencers in the crypto market to join. It officially commences reviewing our past and aims to spur crypto futures together to help educate and onboard newcomers to the space.

“I’m pleased to gather this conference which will be the first-ever crypto agent event organized in FAMEEX. As a common meeting place for industry professionals, we will help re-design the future of crypto and finance with the help of blockchain technology.”, said Hunter Shannon.

Hunter Shannon helped to build a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes it easier to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. With the expansion of FAMEEX’s services and ecosystem, the management team decided to adjust the company structure and establish FAMEEX Global, which renewed the brand awareness and upgraded the interface and brand design of the app and website.

About Exchange?

Officially launched in 2020, the name of FAMEEX is the combination of famous and exchange. FAMEEX has dedicated to providing a secure, stable, and fast trading experience for our users. Since the priority of FAMEEX is security and safety, we only offer the mainstream cryptocurrencies that are safe and stable. We are now offering services including, grid trading, perpetual futures contract, spot trading, and the super commission rebate program.

As one of the founders of FAMEEX, Hunter Shannon oversees the global strategy of FAMEEX and puts more effort into exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Before joining FAMEEX as co-founder, Hunter Shannon has accumulated abundant experience in the trading experience and finance industry. “When I was a trader and investor…


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