CyberCEO Patrick Page Shares Smooth Transition to Working With CyberBacker ~ Prodigy Press Wire

CyberCEO Patrick Page Shares Smooth Transition to Working With CyberBacker ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Guest CyberCEO Page reports a great fit with the new Cyberbacker in a new episode of CyberCEO.

In this episode, Cruz and Page reflect on the importance of learning quickly and remaining flexible.

Listen to Angelo Cruz and Patrick Page’s conversation here.

A Fast-Paced Industry

Patrick Page, a managing broker for Keller Williams in McLean, VA, who owns a property management company, describes his work life as “nonstop.” In December, he partnered with his first Cyberbacker, a move that Page says “gave me back a lot of time.” His Cyberbacker hit the ground running. “From day one, she was a quick learner, ” he says. “Within three weeks, she’d taken a lot of things off my plate.”

Page’s Cyberbacker helps with many aspects of the business, including contracts, listing agreements, management agreements, entering listings in MLS, helping with the bookkeeping, rental applications, and more. “Everything that wasn’t revenue-generating or anything that didn’t require direct oversight, I gave to her,” Page says.

A “Fun” Hiring Process

Though Page enjoyed meeting several candidates during fast-paced interviews, he knew a good fit when he found one in his current Cyberbacker. “We acted quickly because we didn’t want to lose her to anyone else,” he says.

Page and his cyberbacker are a good team. They communicate daily, and she reminds him of tasks he still needs to complete. At the same time, he briefs her on communications that came in overnight. Page attributes his successful partnership to Cyberbacker’s robust training and ongoing support. He also admires his cyberbacker’s cheerful nature, attention to detail, and flexibility.

Secrets to Success

Page urges future CyberCEOs to begin with what he calls a “30-, 60-, and 90-day plan” when bringing a new cyberbacker on board. He recommends giving a virtual hire ample time to complete tasks and checking in with that individual to ensure he/she/they is not feeling overwhelmed.


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