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Czech Republic launches vaccination campaign among the homeless – EURACTIV.com

The Czech non-profit organization led by the Salvation Army has begun to vaccinate the homeless in the country against COVID-19. The program started in mid-July and is currently expanding to other Czech cities.

“In the capital area, there are many people who have escaped all the Internet and cannot get COVID-19 vaccine. Together with on-site services, we are involving these people,” said Milena Johnová, a councillor for social policy and health in Prague.

The city of Prague pays for vaccines for all the homeless who are not covered by medical insurance. Since homeless people often move from one place to another, the organization is using Johnson & Johnson’s disposable vaccine. The medical team also monitors their health after vaccination.

Within three days, more than 110 homeless people were vaccinated, and this number was considered a success by the event organizers. The organization is disseminating information about vaccination activities through leaflets.

Prague is in a leading position, and other larger towns have launched vaccination campaigns for the homeless. Mobile teams are trying to vaccinate people in various areas, including homeless shelters, canteens, or areas under the bridge.

(Aneta Zachová | EURACTIV.cz)

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