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Dazn, rotation requires physiological adjustment moment-exercise

The epoch-making turning point of streaming football and the introduction of new technologies “need a physiological adjustment moment.” This is Dazn’s position in a note, broadcast on the platform during the first weekend of Serie A and issues related to some games, especially between Genoa. “We are obviously sorry about this,” Dazn explained, and he pledged to continue to develop and enhance the service.

“The first weekend of the Serie A TIM 2021-22 season is over. This is the first time that streaming is regarded as the protagonist”, Dazn explained in the note. “An epoch-making turning point, the transition from traditional TV to OTT, is due to the major technological investment implemented by DAZN and its partners to encourage digitalization, equal European standards, fill existing gaps and make’Italy’ in this regard It is also a very competitive country.”
“In recent months, new technologies have been applied and important changes have been made. At the end of the first day, excellent results have been achieved. For example, the cumulative audience has increased compared with previous years. Large geographic coverage”.

“This is the background of what happened in the match between Inter Milan and Genoa (Saturday, August 21). At that time, the traffic peak was limited to one CDN, which was resolved within a few minutes, and the impact on the group was limited. Users who were able to participate in other matches afterwards , Because the problem was quickly resolved. For this, we are obviously sorry, aware of the high value of the Serie A TIM Football Championship, the teams involved and the great enthusiastic fans of everyone”. “We continue to work and continue to have ongoing dialogue and cooperation with the Authority and partners. This is the basis for this unprecedented change project, as well as the development and enhancement of DAZN Edge, a proprietary cache for traffic management, and further process optimization and globalization. CDN”.
“As has happened in every stage of change and in the past, the introduction of such a large-scale new technology requires a physiological adjustment moment, a stage necessary to allow further improvements, fully expressing the incredible potential of the advantages of streaming media. Football, sports and the country as a whole, DAZN’s commitment to this process is absolute and unconditional,” Dazn concluded.

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