DC officer and author Carmelo Rodriguez publishes new novel "to smile" on Halloween

“The story is based on a real person. You shouldn’t miss it.’ Melissa Caudle, Ordering Author”

Author Carmelo Rodriguez has written another fascinating novel, due for release on October 31, 2022. “Smile” is based on a true story and is destined to become a bestseller.

Washington, DC, USA – October 5, 2022 – Author Carmelo Rodriguez is a certified life coach and motivational speaker with a unique ability to help people take their lives back, because that’s exactly what he’s done for himself. After surviving a combat tour in Iraq, Carmelo returned home to find that a government error within The Veteran Affairs (VA) had left him dead anyway. This ordeal lasted a grueling two years. His fight for his life was the hardest thing he had ever done, harder than the fight and harder than the hardships of his childhood. “I will never let anyone stop me from achieving my goals,” says Rodriguez. “I take life by the horns and go full throttle. Now look at me, I’ve written more than a dozen books, produced a TV series and a screenplay.” To round out his accomplishments, Rodriguez will release his latest book, Smile, on October 31, 2022. The book is now available at Amazon for pre-orders. Editor and bestselling author Dr. Melissa Caudle says, “He’s a great writer with a lot to give. His books are so fascinating and will keep a reader hooked from start to finish.”


Young couple Harriet and David Fisher started their family with their sweet Dorothy. A barely uneventful birth was followed by a normal child’s early life despite her mother’s problems, until Harriet and her husband notice things about their once-chubby little girl that keep them up at night. They are initially convinced that there are reasonable explanations for all the mysterious things that begin to manifest as their daughter grows. They find excuses and rationalize them…


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