The deadline for submissions to AGIF 2022, International Animation Festival, is fast approaching

“The AGIF2022, International Animation Festival”

The extended deadline of September 15, 2022 to submit your films for the very first edition of AGIF22 is almost here!

An initiative by Animation Guild India to create a hub of talented animators (young and old) and renew the future of this industry in India, sets the stage for the inaugural Animators Guild India Fest in 2022

The festival is open to 12 international categories plus 3 select awards for Indian citizens only. It has already received entries from filmmakers from around the world showcasing their innovative, compelling short films, immersive experiences and storytelling.

The two-day event, scheduled for late November, will include screenings of selected films, workshops, panel discussions, keynote presentations, a variety of independent art and design shops, booths, music performances, awards, networking nights and other fun-filled activities.

The world of animation is given a way to let their imagination run wild and win awards like the Rising Star (Student and Young Gun) Awards, each with a cash prize of up to ₹50,000. There will also be 2 Audience Choice Awards for students and professionals for national and international categories. All winners will also get a chance to be featured on the Animator’s Guild website

Prateek Sethi, part of the festival team, further adds: “We are creating a milestone in the animation industry by bringing the art of the animation world together in one place for one celebration. We strive to get more submissions and hope to feature short films and immersive experiences to understand the diverse perspectives of artists and filmmakers around the world.”

Distinguished judges for the festival’s various categories include industry veterans such as Shamik Majumdar, Creative Director, Original Series – Animation, The Walt Disney Company, EMEA; E Suresh, renowned Indian director and head of Studio Eeksaurus; Taniya Vij, line…


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