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Delhi’s Best Home Baker Bakez By Daizy Turns 11

Birthdays are special and deserve to be celebrated with plenty of pomp and splendour – no matter if they mark the birth of a baby, a pet or as in the case of Patisserie Chef Daizy Sangla, the birth of her brand Bakez By Daizy 11 years ago. Having previously highlighted the offerings of Bakez By Daizy as being the best home baker in Delhi on my blog, I am happy to share this wonderful achievement of the brand with the world too.

Bakez By Daizy Turns 11


Home bakers and home chefs became very popular during the pandemic, but Delhi-based Bakez By Daizy was the OG home baker, well before the others came around. Chef Daizy was passionate about baking since she was a young girl in school but took it up as a business purely by chance. She began by baking for her friends and family, and they pushed her to do what made her happy.

She shares, “The biggest reward for me was whenever a client shared how delighted their kids were after eating our cakes – my heart would do a little happy dance! I just love kids and their feedback has always been most important to me.”

Having kids as her steadfast supporters and the most delighted consumers of her baked goodies, made her venture into conducting baking workshops for children. These were initially held in collaboration with Ardee School and once the pandemic happened, were shifted online, much to the delight of parents! Proceeds from these workshops and also from the sale of her lovely Gurmukhi writing practice books go exclusively towards deserving NGOs.

Additionally, Chef Daizy makes her own merchandise including mugs, candles and other products. She delivers these along with certain baked products pan-India through her website www.bakezbydaizy.in.

Bakez by Daizy’s popularity is evident from the fact that all age groups enjoy eating her desserts. Initially, her primary focus was baking for kids with the primary ingredient being Nutella. However, with time, health conscious adults and seniors with medical issues, also started looking to her for healthy options which contained no sugar. Chef Daizy has enjoyed experimenting with her creativity to cater to these varied tastes.

It has certainly been an eventful 11 ​​years for Bakez By Daizy as the brand has continued to grow from strength to strength.


To celebrate the momentous occasion of Bakez By Daizy turning 11, the brand hosted a number of contests and giveaways on their Instagram page @bakezbydaizy. They gave out Bento Cakes (mini cakes smaller than ½ kg that fit into a bento box) as prizes, in these Delhi-NCR specific giveaways.

Additionally, they also sent out these beautiful and scrumptious cakes to loyal customers, bloggers and influencers who have been part of the BBD family over the years. As Daizy explains, “We have been a part of their celebrations for so many years, and now we wanted them to be part of our celebration.”

Though the actual birthday of Bakez by Daizy is today, ie March 7, last Saturday, the brand hosted an online celebration which was attended by people from across India. The special session began with storytelling by Alma Dhingra, which was followed by Heena Sodhi Khera of Queen’s Brigade talking about positivity. She also shared some magic tricks to keep the younger audience entertained. The event culminated in a lucky draw where 11 winners were selected to receive a Bakez By Daizy Baking Kit. Chef Daizy shares that the online birthday party had a fabulous response and good attendance.


Chef Daizy candidly shares her plans for the future of Bakez by Daizy. She says, “I’m working on increasing the brand’s reach by ensuring our digital presence keeps growing. This also allows customers to have a variety of options to choose from when placing their orders.” Bakez By Daizy goodies will also soon be available on Zomato, Swiggy and other delivery platforms as well.

A special launch for the 11-year celebration of Bakez By Daizy are the mini cakes or Bento Cakes in all flavours. Their smaller quantities appeal to nuclear families, as there is no wastage. They allow people to indulge their taste buds by trying out different flavours.

Chef Daizy ends our conversation with, “It feels like a dream! I never expected to reach this milestone and receive so much love from my patrons. I’m so grateful for how people have accepted me in the market – for my cakes, goodies , online classes, and pan-India baking kits. It’s been a blessing! I have always said that my motto is ‘Baking the world a better place’ but after these incredible 11 years, I have changed the motto to, ‘Tons to bake before I sleep’!”

Thank you for the lovely Bento Cake Chef Daizy!


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