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Democrat Nancy Pelosi said to Republican Kevin McCarthy: “He is such an idiot.”

Last dispute escalated Completion of the Congressional Storm CommitteeNow, the leadership of the Democratic and Republican Party of the United States is also in conflict on another issue. This is about the new corona rules of the House of Representatives.Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi Even let herself be dazzled to insult her Republican opponent Kevin McCarthy.

“He’s such an idiot,” she said of the conservative politician. The reporter asked her to comment on his recent statement regarding the mask regulations of the US powerhouse. McCarthy once claimed-without any evidence-that the mask rule was a political move by the Democratic Party.About disputes According to reports from the British Guardian.

“There is no doubt-the threat of wearing a mask is scientifically unreasonable. On the contrary, it was hatched by a liberal government that hopes to maintain the pandemic forever,” McCarthy tweeted.

On Tuesday, the chief physician of the U.S. Capitol changed the guidelines. Since then, with a few exceptions, masks must be worn in House meetings. If you do not comply, a fine can be imposed. For the Senate, the other house of Congress, the recommendation to wear a mask applies-but not an obligation.

This point and then gain a firm foothold According to CNN, there is also McCarthyHe said of Pelosi: “If she is so smart, she can explain to me the difference in scientific rules between the Senate and the House of Representatives.”

More and more cases-fewer and fewer vaccinations

Despite the threat of punishment, according to US media reports, several Republicans who did not wear masks recently appeared at the meeting. Congressman Lauren Boebert even threw back a mask provided to her by an employee in a demonstration.

Same in U.S Is The Delta variant of the coronavirus is on the riseThe number of infections has increased significantly recently, while the vaccination campaign has stalled. On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control of the Disease Administration changed the mask specifications. Therefore, it is now recommended to wear masks in areas with high indoor infection rates. The recommendation also specifically targets people who have been vaccinated.

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