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Dennis Villeneuve’s film is ambitious but within reach

dune Feels like from Another moment in Hollywood history. The scope and vision of a movie Modern blockbuster It tells a complex, mature story, usually only used for independent drama. It is ambitious and not always straightforward, but it is easy to access and live in a way that makes viewing it completely fascinating, even if the excitement and chill are not as rich as the recent hits let us get used to. This is an old-school blockbuster, and its visual effects will delight new-school audiences.

Based on Frank Herbert’s legendary novel, dune Be directed Dennis Villeneuve (Arrived, Blade Runner 2049) Written by Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth. It tells the story of the mighty Duke Leto Attrid (Oscar Isaac) and the mysterious Mrs. Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson)’s son Paul Attrid (Timothy Chalamet) Decorated) story.Paul’s origin made him more than a powerful heir The Atreides army thanked his father, but alone Magical, fabulous side Thanks to his mother.Don Atredis The control of the planet Arrakis contains the most valuable substance in the galaxy—the spice—Paul and his family found that they disagree with the evil Harkonnens who previously controlled the planet.Through that conflict, Paul struggled with his burden The double destiny of being a male leader And potential prophets.

Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac in the dunes.

Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac dune.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Villeneuve’s biggest challenge dune Throw us in A whole new world.Of course, some people will see Previous adaptation Or read Herbert’s book, but the director never depends on it.Instead, he cleverly balanced the plot and Personality development Through attention to detail, the rules of this fictional world are established.Nothing at all dune It was an afterthought. Every picture, every sound, and every choice feels like after months of deliberation, the filmmaking proudly enjoys every detail. It will stay for a few more seconds to create the shot. clothing It is introduced to flutter in the wind for maximum beauty.Characters who haven’t appeared on the screen for more than a second feel they deserve it Their own spin-off movie. Even the design of sci-fi props has a certain amount of awe, shooting targets while watching Cool and innovative as well as old and shabby. This is a new world for us, but not for the characters.

Thankfully, there is no wealthy for filmmaking Distracted from the story. All the scene scheduling together create a magnificent and awesome canvas for the story and the characters, but this is never the point.Your eyes will quickly explore all the magnificent scenery and techniques around the frame, and your ears will be designed with complex sounds and Unique Hans Zimmer score, But after that, everything returned to Paul, a young man who started to explore the way the galaxy was, and at the same time figuring out his role in it.with This paul It is the perfect vehicle for the audience’s journey. His story is at the center of the more layers of political conspiracy that occurred around him, however, due to Chalamet’s performance, these are not overwhelming.His Paul is confident Grounded, but fun, and also. When he learns more about the way of the world, we like his reaction and are related to his anxiety. When he learns, we learn. As he evolved, so did the story.

Timothy Chalamey plays Paul in the Dunes.

Timothée Chalamet as Paul dune.
Photo: Warner Bros.

With so much character development and world building, although, dune Sometimes, it does feel almost too ambitious. It’s a bit too slow. It’s even a bit incomplete.It is very helpful The movie starts with the card”Sand Dunes: Part One,Because you will realize that this two-and-a-half-hour movie is like The first and second LLord of the Rings, Is based on hope and prayer that we can see another.That seed helps to conceal the fact that the first hour of the movie is good for the introduction of characters and planets rather than action-the biggest scene piece There is one hour left in the last hour of the movie-the climax of the movie is between the two characters, not two million (as one would expect in a movie of this size).Villeneuve dune Obviously, the first is Paul’s growth, and the second is to show the world in a pleasant and mysterious way; in these goals, he has achieved success. Soaking in this endless and wonderful world for more than two hours will definitely bring some narrative adverse effects.

Another thing helps dune To overcome several of its shortcomings is casting. More than Atredies family, Villeneuve is full dune Watch with very famous and talented actors. Some people—such as Jason Momoa, who played Atredies soldier Duncan Idaho, and Stellan Skarsgård, who played evil Baron Harkonnen—played outstanding roles in this movie. Momoa, in particular, brings swagger and excitement beyond anything we have seen from him before. Others, such as Dave Bautista as the leader of Harkonnen, and Zendaya and Javier Bardem as important members of the Fremen, play a smaller role in this part. We have seen them and they are very eye-catching, but we are still waiting to see how they will develop in the future.

House Atreides.

House Atreides.
Photo: Warner Bros.

However, when reviewing movies, you cannot think about what will happen in the future. There is this movie, this story, if it doesn’t work on its own, then there will be a problem. This is not a problem. this duneFor its part, even if we never see another movie, it sets a new standard for modern science fiction epics.Villeneuve’s attention to design details, combined with his broad vision of multiple worlds, conveys a kind of reverence and Respect material This makes this movie feel more majestic (and very majestic) than it is now.

If we can never see the second part of this story, it would be a kind of irony, but first part With a satisfying narrative clue and a logical ending, you want more. Although the setting clips are sporadic, they are exciting. The movie presents such a wonderful and powerful science fiction world. You can watch it a million times, and you will discover something new every time you watch it. However, that dense and complex world exists only to enhance personal, relevant, and emotional stories. The story of a boy who grows up into a world of men with unfathomable expectations-this movie may also have such expectations. But don’t worry, dune It’s great in every way, and it will be cherished by movie fans in the coming years.

dune It just had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.It was shown in theaters, and On HBO Max, October 22.

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