Pleasant Grove, UT, 09/30/2022 /SubmitMyPR/

dental intelligencethe leading provider of analytics and engagement software in the dental industry, today announced its joint venture with Benco Dentalthe largest independent dental retailer in the United States.

This joint venture will provide Benco’s customers with expanded access to patient engagement software, including online appointment scheduling, digital forms, 2-way communication, appointment reminders and confirmations, patient financing and more.

Dental Intelligence, Inc. is the world's smartest software, used by thousands of dentists to manage and grow their practices.

“We are excited about this expansion opportunity and what it will bring to the dental industry as a whole,” said Dan Geraty, Chief Executive Officer of Dental Intelligence. “DI not only provides data-driven insights that support practice growth, but also helps improve teams and empower them to succeed.”

The joint venture aims to provide more dentists with a consolidated solution that combines practice analytics with actionable engagement tools. This combination of software technology will ensure practice efficiency, increase profitability and greatly improve the overall user experience.

“Today’s dental practices are being hit by inflation, staffing shortages and supply chain challenges like never before,” said Heather Riddle, software solutions product manager at Benco Dental. “These are the right tools at the right time to give practices that do more with less a little more breathing room.”

About Dental Intelligence, Inc.

Dental Intelligence, Inc. is the world’s smartest software, used by thousands of dentists to manage and grow their practices. Dental Intelligence, Inc. simplifies the team’s day-to-day activities that are most critical to improving patient health and increasing practice profitability. To learn more, visit

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