DeSantis ‘good American’ but his people skills are ‘very, very poor’…

DeSantis ‘good American’ but his people skills are ‘very, very poor’…


Although the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis could soon announce his candidacy For the Republican presidential primary, many polls show that the governor would lag behind the former president donald trump in a hypothetical matchup between the two. And a recent revelation doesn’t help the governor’s cause.

In an interview with CNNBillionaire and CEO of Gristedes John Catsimatidis — who was also a key donor to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign — said DeSantis lacked people skills.

The billionaire noted that DeSantis didn’t return calls from the many friends in Florida who helped get him to vote. Catsimatidis also recalled a story in which one of his friends sat next to DeSantis during a dinner and didn’t hear a word from the governor the entire time.

“He is who he is. He’s a good American, but his knowledge of human nature is very, very poor,” said the supermarket chain’s CEO, who revealed that he not only finances Trump’s campaign, but also finances it Bill and Hillary Clinton’s.

When asked if DeSantis’ lack of responsiveness to Catsimatidis might have been due to the $20,000 the latter gave to campaign for Charlie Crist, the governor’s Democratic opponent in the 2022 gubernatorial election, the billionaire said he did done this because he has known Crist for 20 years or 30 years.

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