Devon Walden takes real estate up and helps aspiring…

Devon Walden takes real estate up and helps aspiring…


Turn crappy houses into beautiful Airbnb

Real estate maestro Devon Walden is making advances in the real estate industry through the innovative strategies he devises to help aspiring entrepreneurs close their first real estate deal without their money. With over 10 years of experience identifying gaps and opportunities in the real estate market, Walden is known for his exceptional ability to turn crappy homes into incredible Airbnbs for travelers. He restructures and redefines real estate and makes it structurally appealing investments.

Walden is the respected founder of Prodigious Fellows, a business advice Company focused on equipping businesses with the right tools they need to help them rank up. It is made up of a team of professional analysts, advocates, entrepreneurs and strategists who provide organizations with the specific business skills they need to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. In addition, Prodigious Fellows help companies build their portfolios, maximize growth, solve complex problems, limit sales, increase profits, and find lasting solutions to business problems.

Just as every successful person has a backstory, Walden’s backstory isn’t as pretty as people think. In fact, his rough background served as the foundation on which he challenged himself to become the best he could be. At the age of 13 he started selling candy at school after his parents could not afford to help him buy bicycle parts. At school he expanded his business, expanding his capacity and hiring 5 people to run his business selling the candy while raising other funds to make more money. One of the businesses he ventured into to make more profit was the auto business, where he bought cars for low amounts and sold them at higher prices. While he was at work at the age of 15, his parents tragically died leaving him with 6 younger siblings and nothing to hold on to. After this…


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