Did Trump just stream QAnon at the ‘cult-like’ Ohio rally? Here’s what…

Did Trump just stream QAnon at the ‘cult-like’ Ohio rally? Here’s what…


Former President donald trump’‘s rally in Youngstown, Ohio, reportedly ended on an odd note due to gestures from the crowd and the use of a piece of music.

What happened: The music played at the end of the rally hasn’t been positively identified, but some said it was titled “WWG1WGA” — which could be a shortened version of the QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all.” reported RollingStone citing The Daily Beast want summer.

journalist Aaron Rupar shared a video of the rally, showing the music playing in the background as the former US leader delivers his closing monologue. Rupar described the moment as “hypnotic” and “very iconic”.

A portion of Ohio rally-goers also raised their hands in an odd salute, a photo of which was shared by Reuters North America Editor Corinne Perkins on twitter.

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Why it matters: QAnon is considered a political conspiracy theory that came to the fore in 2017.

The movement’s supporters have been linked to acts of violence, including kidnapping and at least one murder. reported The guard.

QAnon supporters reportedly believe Trump is trying to save the world from a cabal of satanic pedophiles.

Trump recently shared a picture of himself truth social in which he is seen wearing a Q pin. The image was overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming” — a reference to QAnon’s lore, according to RollingStone.

Truth Social is part of Trump media and technology group (TMTG), which is to go public through a merger Digital…


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