Diedra Harrison-Greenaway Releases New Book Entitled: The Blueprint: A…

Diedra Harrison-Greenaway Releases New Book Entitled: The Blueprint: A…


The essential guide for those considering entrepreneurship in the cannabis business.

08/08/2022 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES — Diedra Harrison-Greenaway has written the definitive book for anyone curious about the business of the cannabis industry or a cannabis company owner who is seriously considering entrepreneurship. There remains a plethora of misconceptions associated with the cannabis industry and Harrison-Greenaway’s book will serve as a guide to understanding the basics.

The cannabis industry represents a society that includes people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, the industry reflects systemic racism and discriminatory practices in the business and judicial sectors of society.

There are still thousands of people incarcerated on non-violent cannabis charges, and while cannabis is now considered legal in many states, there are still a number of legal issues that may affect the ability to enter the multi- into the billion dollar cannabis industry. Greenaway recognizes that there are a large number of people of color across the country who have issues that impact their entry into the industry and that this needs to change. The gap is so great that coalitions have formed to help them get their records wiped and create equitable employment opportunities within the industry.

The blueprint is designed to guide the reader through a series of well thought out steps in different sectors of cannabis ownership. The Blueprint also looks at navigating the sometimes complex government and industry bureaucracy and addresses the reasons why prejudice has made it so difficult for people of color to participate in property. For People of Color, the book openly and honestly discusses the promising and problematic aspects of the cannabis industry. Harrison-Greenaway personally knows people of color who have been imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses, which is why she…

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