Digital artist Dave Plowden created Max’s Garage NFTs to do good in…

Digital artist Dave Plowden created Max’s Garage NFTs to do good in…


Max’s Garage is an NFT project created by Dave Plowden to connect the NFT space with charitable causes. The rapid rise of NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) in recent years has shown that the digital world is not going away anytime soon. With Max’s Garage, Plowden’s vision is to dispel negative stereotypes of NFT projects as just get-rich-quick scams. His goal is to use the fast fundraising opportunities of NFTs to impact the IRL community (in real life) with his art.

The collection and its history

Max’s Garage started with a Genesis collection called 1st Road Trip. The first collection consists of 20 tokens, each representing a GIF showing a hand playing with a toy vehicle. From red pickup trucks to taxis, green tractors, or colorful ice cream trucks, each NFT in the collection is unique, creative, and endearing as they feature playful and fun images of the vehicles that make up our communities.

There is a unique story behind the art that has given way to this playful and relatable collection. The images were inspired by a boy named Max, the son of Plowden’s close friend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Plowden realized how important autism programs and organizations were to children like Max, so he sought to use his creative skills to contribute to organizations that help children. Max’s favorite toys are cars and fire engines as he loves the feeling of rolling the object and making it move in real time. As a result, Plowden decided to create Max’s Garage and show the hand of Max or one of his friends playing with a toy vehicle.

Changing the tone of the NFT world

Max’s Garage has targets and stats that deviate from the typical beat in the NFT space. Dave Plowden created this collection with the intention of getting rich. Instead, 100% of the money made from every NFT purchase goes to organizations supporting children.

In April 2022, Plowden committed to 100% of revenue from…


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