VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. DMGI DMGGF 6AX (“DMG” or the “Company”), a vertically integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency technology company, today announced that it is expanding its large ordinal (ie, ordinals larger than 0.4 megabytes) inscriptions business. DMG’s proprietary Petra technology and carbon neutral bitcoin pool Terra Pool have established DMG as an industry leader in this new market.

At the Planet MicroCap Showcase: VEGAS 2023 investor conference today, Steven Eliscu, COO of DMG, presented a updated investor presentation This includes a collection of the company’s most important ordinal inscriptions to date.

Sheldon Bennett, CEO of DMG commented, “We are proud of what we have achieved to date. We’ve found partners who have helped expand our reach to enable us to write a variety of content onto the blockchain, and we’ve sharpened our own development to enable new capabilities, such as our previously announced ability to allow artists to transfer ownership per to allow entry even if they enter tens or hundreds of ordinal numbers consecutively in the same block. DMG is really breaking new ground!”

Steven Eliscu, COO of DMG added: “We are now building a new revenue stream for DMG via large ordinal inscriptions. The combination of inscriptions with no added carbon and our engineering capabilities, including our Petra technology, has made us the most attractive option for premium artists looking to inscribe large files on the Bitcoin blockchain – the most immutable public ledger. Advocates of other blockchains Used for non-fungible tokens and collectibles, they were quick to note their lower energy consumption compared to bitcoin, however Terra Pool’s carbon neutral operation puts our solution on a much more equal footing.”

Patent granted for DMG’s Petra technology

US Patent US11373170B1 was granted to DMG specifically…


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