Since then, Republicans have politically targeted Canada donald trump won the US presidency in 2016, which is not entirely surprising since the country was led by Justin Trudeau, a leftist prime minister.

On Monday, insult was added to the injury when Canadians were banned from buying tickets to see it Florida Panther play that Toronto Maple Leafs at the FLA Live Arena for game three of the NHL Playoff game – at least for the first 24 hours after tickets go on sale sale Monday.

Politics: A fickle thing

Ticketmaster’s decision to ban Canadians from buying tickets to the game, which may have come as a result of an influx of fans cheering for the Leafs to help them win, comes amid Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis behind Trump in the polls.

Though DeSantis has previously hit back at the Panthers, he claimed their integrative initiatives are “too exclusive.” after He has yet to speak to the Guardian about the NHL team’s decision to ban the Canadians from the game.

When the NHL raised its demands for a diverse All-Star game weekend at Sunrise in January by prioritizing minorities, DeSantis lashed out at the league. At the time, the DeSantis press secretary said, Bryan Griffin urged the NHL to “lift and denounce” the bans imposed on participants, according to the outlet.

The game

On Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET, the Panthers play the Leafs in round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Toronto. However, many Canadians could have a hard time making it to Game 3 over the weekend considering they won’t be able to buy tickets for the event at the Sunrise State until Tuesday morning – if there are any tickets left.

The Leafs haven’t made it to a round two of the game series since 2004. The Panthers upset it Boston Bruins in round one on Sunday and participated in the same series last year where the Tampa Bay team was defeated 4-0.

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