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Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo were “crushed” by the Taliban

  • Representative Adam Kinsinger criticized Trump and Pompeo’s negotiations with the Taliban last year.
  • “They let this thing fail,” Kinsinger told CNN.
  • Kinsinger also blamed Biden for the current failure in Afghanistan.

Representative Adam Kinsinger criticized the former Trump administration’s deal with the Taliban, saying on Sunday that it laid the foundation for the current defeat in Afghanistan.

The Illinois Republican said that former President Donald Trump and his then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were at fault for the “catastrophic” withdrawal of the United States from the country.

“Donald Trump said publicly,’We must leave Afghanistan at all costs. It’s not worth it.’ Mike Pompeo met with the Taliban and tried to’negotiate’ something,” Kinsinger said in an interview with CNN.

“They ended up being almost as bad as Neville Chamberlain,” he continued, referring to the British Prime Minister who negotiated the Munich Agreement of 1938, which was widely criticized for making the Nazi invasion of Poland possible.

“They set this as a failure,” Kinsinger said.

On Sunday, Republican Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming did the same Attacking Trump’s deal, Calling this a “surrender” to the Taliban.

“We sat down and negotiated with terrorists,” Cheney told NBC News. “We have given the Taliban credibility… We have completely weakened the Afghan national government. We have definitely added enthusiasm to the Taliban.”

During his presidency, Trump was eager to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the longest-lasting war in the United States. But he took an unprecedented step to try to achieve this goal: negotiate directly with the Taliban. His government had a series of talks with militant groups in Qatar, And even invited them to a secret meeting held in the presidential resort Camp David 9/11 anniversary in 2019. After the Taliban attack killed an American soldier in Afghanistan, Trump later overturned the decision.

Despite this, Trump reached an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, which stipulated that US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan. Within 14 months The condition is that the Taliban will not turn the country into a terrorist base.this Agreement was widely criticized He joined the Taliban and excluded the Afghan government.Pompeo Attend the signing ceremony And took a photo with the Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar (Abdul Ghani Baradar), who is expected to lead the next Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Trump is now trying to get out of this situation and Fixed liability The takeover of the Taliban and the downfall of the Afghan government depended solely on President Joe Biden.

Although King Singer attacked Trump on Sunday, he also blamed Biden. Once he became president, he “could have easily reversed the situation.”

“Republicans made talking points and made Biden look bad. Democrats made talking points and pointed out the past government. In fact, they are all responsible,” Kinsinger said.

“Both sides have failed the American people,” he added.

Biden agreed to execute Trump’s deal and withdraw from Afghanistan.This week he Defended his withdrawal from the U.S. militaryIn spite of the disturbing scene in Kabul where people clamored to leave the country, the Taliban made a comeback, which aroused widespread criticism from both sides of the aisle.

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