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Donald Trump recommended corona vaccination-and was whistled by fans

The Maga hat, the American flag, and many of Trump’s spiritual objects-this is what the former US president looked like in the audience when he made his grand appearance in front of his fans. These usually hang on his lips, cheering for every word of their idol.

However, when performing in the state, you must Donald Trump Listen to the unusual dissatisfaction of the originally so kind audience. what happened? Republicans publicly expressed support for the coronavirus vaccine. Trump is in Kalman, Alabama, Literally means: »I recommend accepting the vaccination proposal. I did it, great. vaccination. “Followed by the audience’s boos and other angry screams.

In response, Trump said According to the Guardian: “It’s okay. It’s okay. You have your freedom«. Then he continued: “But I have been vaccinated. If it doesn’t work, you will be the first person to know. OK? “

Trump himself was vaccinated against the virus shortly before the end of his term. He has been infected with Covid-19 in 2020. Recently, he has appeared on the influential Fox News many times, Announce vaccinations.

Politicians compete for those who refuse to be vaccinated

According to the survey, consider America Especially many Republicans are skeptical about the new crown vaccination. The government’s vaccination campaign has stalled recently-mainly because many so-called vaccination skeptics do not want to be protected from the virus.

This not entirely small group is becoming more and more politicized. For example, many Republican politicians compete for voters by opposing wearing protective masks. In doing so, they have repeatedly put forward the so-called reasons for protecting personal freedom.

The last president Joe Biden Including the governor Florida, Ron DeSantis, Publicly criticized his blockade in the fight against corona. Like many others in the conservative camp, DeSantis hopes his party will be nominated for the 2024 presidential election.

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