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Donald Trump: The border wall with Mexico was obviously severely damaged by desert rain

According to Gizmodo, six flood gates were damaged in just one part of the semi-finished wall. As reported by the Tucson Sentinel, But the rain also damaged buildings in other places.

Unexpected development According to the Washington Post, noAccording to this, experts have already warned about the floodgate problem as early as 2020 when Trump was still in office. Like most areas in Arizona, this area is very dry. However, during the monsoon season, sometimes flooding and extreme rainfall occur.

Because of this danger, according to experts, for safety reasons, flood gates should be opened in the rainy season. This is done by hand in inaccessible areas. Then they will remain open and partially unguarded for a long time. Or the gate should remain closed-despite the risk of storm damage.

Funds are no longer flowing

Soon after taking office, Trump had a successor Joe Biden Promise, a billion dollar wall project stop. Yimai The Ministry of Defense implemented this requirement. That Pentagon The deputy spokesperson of the ministry, Jamal Brown, said at the time that “all border wall construction projects that were paid for with funds originally used for other military purposes” were terminated.

Trump originally wanted Mexico Commit to bear the cost of building the wall. However, in doing so, he failed-despite all the promises made during the campaign. After Congress refused him to provide the necessary funding for the project, he declared a national emergency in 2019 and ordered the use of billions of dollars in the Pentagon’s budget for construction projects.

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