Donald Trump’s claims for executive privileges over Capitol riots could…

Donald Trump’s claims for executive privileges over Capitol riots could…


The USA Ministry of Justice He is reportedly preparing to force former White House staffers to testify about the former president donald trump said and did around the time of the riot in the Capitol on January 6th.

What happened: Justice Department prosecutors are targeting Trump’s behavior around Jan. 6, CNN reported on Thursday, citing people who have been briefed on the matter.

Justice Department prosecutors expect Trump to seek executive privileges to protect some information from the federal grand jury as the criminal investigation focuses on White House officials who directly interacted with the former US leader, according to CNN.

A court battle over executive privileges might take a more aggressive form than even that Müller examination, which took place when Trump was still President.

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Why it matters: The extent of Trump’s executive privilege is still unclear, and DoJ officials believe he will likely attempt to press his claim, as he did before the House Special Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots, CNN noted .

The question of executive privilege came up during the recent grand jury testimony Marc Kurz and Greg Jacob – both close associates of the former Vice President Mike Pence, according to CNN.

The Biden administration has largely made no claims of privilege related to the insurgency, which the report says weakens Trump’s argument for executive privilege.

Both the aides’ attorneys and prosecutors reportedly stayed away from potential confidentiality issues in the expectation that such questions could be answered later.

Notably, both Short and Jacob were present at a Jan. 4, 2021 meeting where Trump pressured Pence to agree to an attorney’s plan John Ostman to block the authentication of the election results.

past instances from the Nixon and Clinton eras point out that executive privileges may not apply in court.

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