As a doctoral-level registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), Dr. David Wiss has tons of experience and knowledge regarding nutrition and mental health. He is passionate about helping others improve their physical and mental well-being through science-based health interventions. It was hard work and dedication for Dr. Wiss to get to where he is today, as he spent years in school en route to achieving a PhD from UCLA in Community Health Sciences.

Dr. Wiss is nothing like your average social media health guru, as he has published work in highly-respected peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Appetite and Frontiers in Psychiatry, and tries to bring his expertise to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

For Dr. Wiss, utilizing nutritional changes for major impact on mental and physical health goes far beyond simply controlling the types of food that you eat, but includes a cognitive component as well. “It is important to understand the biological mechanisms that link food to mood and brain health,” Dr. Wiss said “but nutrition necessitates an understanding of biology, psychology and social context.”

According to Dr. Wiss, there is a profound interconnectedness to the way food impacts how we think and feel, which in turn impacts behavior. “There are huge implications for how the food we choose to eat impacts our gut health, and in turn, our brain health,” Dr. Wiss said.

To Dr. Wiss, we are only getting started when it comes to understanding these deep complexities and how the gut-brain axis can be used to positively impact lives. “With all of the science converging, we are in the beginning of a revolution when it comes to using nutrition to improve mental health,” Dr. Wiss said.

While the majority of Wiss’ work these days comes in a one-to-one format, he has been exploring avenues to scale up his impact. He has since settled on one and is close to releasing his app, Wise Mind Nutrition, which can bring his methods and knowledge…


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