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Dr. Patrick Newman introduces Rothbard’s history of economic thought

Just a few years before his death, Murray Rothbard began one of his most ambitious writing projects: a complete three-volume history of economic thought from a unique Austrian perspective. Unfortunately, he never wrote the third volume, which aimed to span the entire post-Marxist marginal revolution of the mid-20th century. But the two existing volumes, over 1,000 pages, started in ancient Greece and then reached Adam Smith, Bentham, JS Mill, Ricardo, and Marx. As always, Rothbard was both convincing and radical revisionist. Contrary to most economic historians, he believed that the original economists before Smith had a lot to offer. For example, the Spanish Scholastics and the French Physiocrats had already demonstrated an understanding of value and subjectivism before Smith developed his theory of chaotic costs.

These two volumes (Free here In pdf! ) Is a must-read for any economics student, and Dr Patrick Newman The perfect guest to bring them to life.Don’t miss the first in this series The Austrian View of the History of Economic Thought.

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