E Mortgage Capital (EMC), one of the largest independent mortgage lenders…

E Mortgage Capital (EMC), one of the largest independent mortgage lenders…


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2022 / Joseph Shalaby is a UCSB alumni graduating with honors this year and lagging behind E mortgage principal, a full-service mortgage company offering extensive residential mortgage options with offices across the United States, licenses in 25 states and over 500 licensed loan officers. Joseph is also an immigrant from Cairo, Egypt and had to work from scratch to have everything he owns and operates today.

E Mortgage Capital (EMC), Monday 19 September 2022, Press release image

“Constant rejection and failure have always been part of the journey. We have faced multiple hurdles with disbelief, compliance, capacity and finding the right talent.”, comments Joseph. Despite the trying times, Joseph stayed on his path as he was inspired to open E Mortgage by his desire to make a positive impact.

He always wanted to serve people and lives with this goal. With that in mind, he wants to use his profession to help them achieve their dream of owning their own home and help those less fortunate who are overwhelmed with their bills out of debt.

Luckily he was quite successful with it. E Mortgage Capital leads the industry with cutting-edge technology, constant innovation, internal funding, the ability to close loans in 10 days, and leading interest rates. It is the only platform in the US that has all of the following 6 attributes:

  1. It is the first mortgage banker in the country to provide branches with a raw sheet featuring the most aggressive compensation plan and splits in the industry.
  2. It is the first mortgage lender in the US to grant EPA protection to branches.
  3. It is the first mortgage lender in the country to offer flex closing (24 hour financing).
  4. It offers free marketing, coaching and daily training, and curriculum support.
  5. It has free closing gifts for all closed customers either in case of refinance or purchase.
  6. Finally, in California, all seller escrow fees are waived for new brokerage partners.

It seems that E Mortgage Capital is the way to go when you decide to buy a new home or…


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