eBookorPrint.com is providing up to $250,000 to help underprivileged…

eBookorPrint.com is providing up to $250,000 to help underprivileged…


NEW YORK, NY – (Newsfile Corp. – July 23, 2022) – eBookorPrint CEO Jerry Reid announced a new financial initiative of up to $250,000 to help disadvantaged authors get published. Funding will be used to provide authors with financial support, services and industry advice.

This new initiative will start in 2023 with author funding. The funding is currently going to authors who already have writing skills but are unable to pursue the path of full-time authors due to disadvantages. The company does not limit the definition of disadvantage to just income factors.

“The reason we’re not just looking for low-income writers is because we believe disadvantage can come in a variety of forms,” ​​Reid said. “Writers who have difficulty typing due to an injury or disability can record their story via voice notes while we pay for the transcription or provide the transcription labor. In this case, eBookorPrint reviews the manuscript, designs the cover, and provides the sponsored author with a published book that is 100% owned by the author. Depending on the author’s circumstances, a daily living support stipend may also be paid.”

In order to help written content to gain more attention, strong funding is required. This is due to the inherent weakness of text, as it is less able to immediately grab attention compared to video or audio.

Reid continues, “We hope more resources like this can be made available to aspiring writers. Such funding not only allows great writers to embark on careers they never thought possible given their current situation, but also helps spread great ideas and great writing that will benefit readers.”


No unsolicited applications will be accepted in the initial phase. Selected and vetted charities, nonprofits, and educational institutions can submit profiles of potential aspiring writers for…

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