Edinburgh shoe storage company ShoeStack announces plan for European…

Edinburgh shoe storage company ShoeStack announces plan for European…


ShoeStack makes innovative shoe boxes for people who want to display their sneakers with pride

08/07/2022 / PRZen / EDINBURGH, Scotland – Shoe storage company based in Edinburgh ShoeStack builds on its recent commercial success in the UK with plans to expand into Europe.

The young company specializes in innovation shoe showcases that make storage fun and accessible. ShoeStack has already launched several new shoe accessories.

The company’s newest products include a sound activated LED shoe box, which is already very popular with so-called “sneakerheads” and is currently sold out and will be back in stock within 6 weeks. Miscellaneous shoe accessories now available at ShoeStack.co.uk are an adjustable shoe tree, wrinkle guard, shoe horn and shoe shine cloths.

The news that this thriving Scottish startup is planning to expand to Europe is as poignant as it is inspiring. Bernardo Redzic – the young entrepreneur behind ShoeStack – arrived in Scotland as a refugee from war-torn Bosnia after two years in a Croatian refugee camp.

Bernardo’s mother endured unimaginable hardships to give her son a better life. Unable to join his young family in Scotland, his father left Bernardo and his mother to start a new life in a country they did not know.

The fact that Bernardo and his mother have built a new life for themselves in the midst of such adversity is inspiring enough. But Bernardo’s success as an entrepreneur and business owner is a testament to the young man’s ambition, drive and determination to succeed.

The ShoeStack journey, like so many these days, grew out of the founder’s inability to find a product he really needed. In 2020, Bernardo was looking for shoe boxes everywhere. But despite looking everywhere, he just couldn’t find the product he wanted.

Bernardo soon realized that there was a gap in the market. He managed to find an overseas supplier and immediately…


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