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Effective use of natural antioxidants | Post

this Natural pet food This trend began in the United States 25 years ago and continues to expand globally.All over the world, high-quality pet food has become synonymous with the concept of “natural” There has been a noteworthy acceleration in Europe recently. According to Innova’s data, from 2016 to 2020, the EMENA CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of new pet food products with a “natural” claim is 32%.An important part of this trend is develop Natural antioxidant alternatives to help pet food companies maintain the shelf life of their pet food and protect the health of their pets.

Consumer demand for clean labels and health solutions

Euromonitor International It has been pointed out that the humanization and high-end pets will continue to promote the global pet food market. The Innova database shows that compared with the previous year, the EMENA region has launched a 75% increase in new pet food products with “natural” claims in 2020.

As consumers desire cleaner labels, look for safer ingredients, and more sustainable options, the growth of natural pet foods is accelerating globally. Specifically, concerns about the safety of synthetic antioxidants (BHA, BHT, and propyl gallate) have resurfaced.

pet Owners are increasingly concerned about providing healthy pet food. They expect fresh and non-oxidized foods to maintain high quality and palatability throughout the shelf life of the diet. The use of natural antioxidants continues to be extended to formula diets. These formulas are part of the Complete Natural Antioxidant Program. All raw materials in the formula have natural stability during and after pet food processing. A comprehensive natural stabilization plan is the best way to meet consumer needs and ensure that the entire pet food provides its shelf life guarantee.

Natural market opportunity

The effective use of natural antioxidants to extend the shelf life of pet foods and ingredients has had a significant impact on the development of the natural market. As an industry leader in providing antioxidant solutions to maintain the quality, nutrition and palatability of pet food, Jianming There are many suitable options to support pet food companies and their raw material supply chains. Jianming It has a wide range of formula dry and liquid natural antioxidant combinations, and its NATUROX™, VERDILOX™ and PARAMEGA™ brands.These brands contain a mixture of mixed tocopherols, plant extracts, chelating agents and surfactants

choose one Natural antioxidant supplier

As the pet food market continues to adapt to consumer needs and the natural antioxidant market grows, it is important to establish a comprehensive shelf life stabilization plan using high-quality, stable ingredients. Pet food formulations are increasingly using new ingredients and more unsaturated fats, which requires extensive testing and collaboration with antioxidant suppliers to determine the best antioxidant stabilization strategy. Knowing where to add antioxidants in the process, how much to add, and what antioxidants to use is essential to understand how to stabilize pet food. Jianming Providing antioxidants helps to ensure the shelf life and oxidation quality of the entire pet food supply chain and manufacturing process. Kemin’s extensive customized customer support includes product application equipment, technical support and customer laboratory services to ensure the implementation of effective natural antioxidant programs.

By Frank Clement, Chief Technical Service and Kemin Application Solutions Manager, Cristina Murcia Garcia, Technical Service Manager, Kemin Nutrisurance EMEA and Kemin Nutrisurance EMEA

About the author

Frank Clement He is the Chief Technical Service Manager (TSM) and Kemin Application Service (KAS) manager of Kemin Nutrisurance EMEA, headquartered in France. Frank coordinates the EU TSM team projects for antioxidants, preservatives and palatability.

In the past 7 years, he has spent a lot of time in the slaughterhouse factory, evaluating the best strategy for the factory to maintain the freshness of raw materials and ensure the safety of the final pet food. He has worked at Kemin for 12 years, focusing on the topic of antioxidants, especially the transition of natural antioxidants in the European Union. As a biochemist, he has worked in the pet food industry for more than 30 years, especially in the analysis part of his early career.


Dr. Christina Murcia Garcia Obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bonn (Germany), focusing on redox reactions.

Since then, she has focused on processing refining and oxidation in pet food. She is the technical service manager of Kemin Nutrisurance Europe, where she provides solutions to improve the safety and shelf life of raw materials and pet food. In addition, she develops tailor-made trials and protocols for customers, and provides specific training for customers on topics such as oxidation, freshness, and food safety.


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