Elon Musk Confirms Tesla AI Day Part 2 Coming Next Month: Could It…

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla AI Day Part 2 Coming Next Month: Could It…


Now with the Annual General Meeting in retrospect, Tesla, Inc‘s TSLA The next stock catalyst could be the second AI day.

What happened: chairman Elon Musk on Sunday confirmed on Twitter that AI Day 2022 will take place on September 30th. The first AI day was held on August 19, 2021, where the billionaire said he wants to take Tesla beyond electric cars with “deep AI activity” and hardware at the inference layer and at the training layer.”

Musk had said in mid-May that there would be “lots of cool updates” at the event, which was originally scheduled for August. He also suggested at the time that the purpose of AI Day was to attract great AI/software/chip talent to Tesla.

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At last week’s shareholders’ meeting, Tesla teased an image of the humanoid robot it’s developing — two metal hands of robotic hands held in the shape of a heart.

When Musk announced the postponement of AI Day in early June, he had a working prototype of the Tesla bot, aka Optimusshould be available by October 30th.

The departure of the senior AI manager Andrei Karpathy mid-July sparked speculation about possible delays in the wider roll-out of the full self-driving software as well as the Tesla bot.

Gasoline Gas Take: Barring any further deterioration in macroeconomic conditions, Tesla stock appears poised to gain momentum from this event. Though the stock plummeted Friday after the split announcement, that could change on Aug. 25 when the split goes into effect. Between that catalyst and third-quarter results due in late October, AI Day could help the stock maintain its positive momentum.

price action: Tesla closed Friday’s session down 6.63% at $864.51 Benzinga Pro data.


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