Elon Musk Owns Iconic $1M James Bond Movie Car: The Wacky Story of…

Elon Musk Owns Iconic $1M James Bond Movie Car: The Wacky Story of…


As one of the richest people in the world Elon Musk is able to splurge and buy whatever he wants. This included the acquisition of the social media platform Twitter in 2022. In 2013, Musk also bought one of the most iconic movie cars of all time.

What happened: One of the most expensive personal items ever bought is the car he bought for in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me in 2013 almost a million dollars.

In the 1977 film starring Roger Moore A sports car that transforms into a submarine and can fire missiles underwater is introduced as Bond. The vehicle was nicknamed “Wet Nellie” and was converted into a working submarine by a shipbuilder. A retired US Navy SEAL in full scuba gear helped execute the underwater scenes in the film.

While Musk’s purchase of the famous vehicle might be a crazy story, it’s an even crazier story for the couple who once owned it.

A New York couple bought an unclaimed storage unit for $100 via a blind auction in 1989, meaning that unlike the storage unit auctions you may have seen on TV, the bidders couldn’t see what was inside, or could even open the door.

As reported by CNBC, the pair found the 1976 Lotus Espirit sports car when they opened the unit after the win. Surprisingly, the couple had never seen a James Bond film.

“They really didn’t know what it was,” Ian Fleming Foundation Co-Founder Doug Redenius told NBC in 2013. Redenius helped authenticate the car for the couple, who at the time ran a construction tool rental business.

“They had no idea how valuable their discovery was.”

According to the story, the couple loaded the car onto a truck and, on the journey home, were informed several times over CB radio by truck drivers that it was a James Bond car they were towing. The discovery led to the husband going out and renting the Bond film on VHS to see the car in the film.

The couple “cosmetically restored” the vehicle and exhibited it in exhibitions…

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