Elon Musk Says Probability of Nuclear War Is Rising Fast; ‘Have been…

Elon Musk Says Probability of Nuclear War Is Rising Fast; ‘Have been…


The standoff between Ukraine and Russia took on a whole new dimension as the former began to advance, raising fears that the latter might retaliation with a nuclear weapon.

Elon Musk recently caused a stir present a peace plan which included recommendations to ask people in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine and Crimea whether they want to live in Ukraine or in Russia. While Ukrainian officials and pro-Ukraine people openly criticized the billionaire, he recently garnered praise from MIT professors and machine learning researchers Max Tegmark.

The academic said in a recent post that there is a one in six chance of an imminent global nuclear war. Sharing the link to the post on Twitter, the professor said he appreciates Musk and others who are pushing for de-escalation. It is in the national security interests of all nations, he added. In response to Tegmark’s tweet, Musk said, “The likelihood of nuclear war is increasing rapidly.”

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As a Temanian reporter Eva Fuchs probed about plans for Sunday, citing a 2016 tweet Musk said he would prefer to bake on a Sunday morning Tesla, Inc. TSLA CEO said, “Feels so long ago. A pleasant memory.” “I was up all night trying to think of a possible way to de-escalate this war,” he added.

Referring to the war, the Tesla correspondent countered that backing down, right now, will not help resolve it, only exacerbate the consequences. She also quoted the Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum” which suggests “if you want peace, prepare for war”.

Musk offered to talk to her…


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