Elon Musk scoffs at ‘traditional CEOs’: they look like Android or…

Elon Musk scoffs at ‘traditional CEOs’: they look like Android or…


Elon Musk maybe not like the traditional corporate executives who do Tesla, Inc. TSLA CEO suggested on the “Full Send” podcast, which premiered late Thursday.

Most business leaders adapt to certain behaviors that seem to appeal to them on an android, or a drone, or an MPC video game where there’s a six-option dialogue tree, he said.

“It seems like most leadership qualities are like that,” Musk said. “Are you even real? How do you know you are not an MPC?”

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The richest person in the world answered a question about how he stays “normal” despite being a successful and famous person.

Musk unexpectedly said he wasn’t like the CEOs of other big companies and that it just happened that way.

When the hosts said Musk was the most down-to-earth and funniest of all CEOs, he responded that he strives to keep people entertained.

Price promotion: Tesla shares closed Thursday’s session down 0.40% at $925.90 Benzinga Pro data.

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