Elon Musk Shrugs Off Team Biden’s AI Meeting Snub: ‘I Will Survive’

Elon Musk Shrugs Off Team Biden’s AI Meeting Snub: ‘I Will Survive’


The Biden administration, led by the vice presidentT Kamala Harris, held a meeting with CEOs from four US companies at the forefront of artificial intelligence Innovation on Thursday. president Joe Biden also stopped by the meeting, according to a White House press release.

One of Elon Musk’s supporters lamented this Tesla However, the billionaire entrepreneur reacted calmly to the expulsion of the CEO at the meeting.

What happened: The Twitter handle @teslaownersSV retweeted Biden’s tweet about the meeting, in which the President said, “Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful tools of our time, but to seize its opportunities, we must first mitigate its risks.”

@teslaownersSV commented that this was “another important meeting that Elon Musk should have included”.

Musk responded to the tweet, “I will survive.”

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Right step: However, Musk praised the White House’s initiatives to make AI safer. In response to a tweet following a White House release about the government’s steps to continue encouraging responsible innovation in AI and protecting people’s rights and safety, Musk said it was “a step in the right direction.”

Why it matters: The Biden administration may have recently enlisted Tesla’s support for EV charging infrastructure in the US, but has in the past excluded Tesla and Musk from all official talks.

Instead, Biden is holding up General Motors Maria Barra As the torchbearer of the EV revolution taking hold in the US, Musk was ignored at an EV summit hosted by the White House in August 2021, with the administration later implying that the sub may be linked to a lack of union organization at Tesla has to do.

In November 2021, Biden was seen praising General Motors And ford in a video stating that Detroit leads the world in electric vehicles.

In January 2022, Biden appeared in a video along with Barra and said GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles at home than ever before. Musk responded that it’s a company that “starts with a T, with a…

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