Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars and says it will ‘destroy all life’

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars and says it will ‘destroy all life’


Elon Musk is managing director of Tesla Inc TSLA and SpaceX, two companies trying to solve the world’s problems. Here’s the latest from Musk great ambitions to colonize Mars.

What happened: founded in 2002, SpaceX is now one $127 billion company that changed the space industry. While the company has already achieved a lot for the space sector, Musk has big ambitions to use SpaceX for the next evolution of spaceflight.

“Eventually something will happen to Earth, it’s just a matter of time,” Musk said said Editor of the Financial Times Roula Khalaf. “Eventually the sun will expand and destroy all life on earth, so eventually we’ll have to move or at least be a multi-planet species.”

Talks about colonizing Mars aren’t new to Musk, but recent comments speak to the timeliness and speed that might be required.

“The question is, what percentage of resources should we devote to such an endeavor? I think if you say 1 percent of resources, that’s probably a reasonable amount.”

Musk told Khalaf that he would consider going to Mars in the future when he was older.

“When I get old, I will. Why not?”

Musk said there is a “non-trivial chance of dying,” leading to his preferring to leave when he’s older so he can watch his kids grow up.

“Instead of now that the little X is only two and a half. I think he would miss me.”

Maybe one day Musk could fly to Mars or space with X, his son currently obsessed with toy rockets.

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Why it matters: Over the years, Musk has attempted to find solutions to problems he has identified. This includes co-founding what would become PayPal Holdings PYPL change banking, make Tesla change the electric vehicle and clean energy sector, and create SpaceX to change space travel.

SpaceX has signed deals with NASA and is helping make it cheaper for companies to ship satellites and other items into space.

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