Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk again pointed to falling birth rates amid warnings of one severe population crisis.

What happened: Musk was responding to a user’s tweet Ian Miles Cheong, Emphasizing the urgent need for action in the face of declining birth rates and the potential Consequences of inaction for the future of mankind.

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“Just having kids one way or the other or humanity [will] Die whimpering in adult diapers!” Musk tweeted.

Ian said it is challenging to find solutions in a liberally oriented, secular society the world is facing There is a risk of severe population decline. He added that the emphasis on traditional values ​​could help boost birth rates.

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“Speaking of population collapse, nobody wants to hear that and the solution won’t sit well as an answer for a liberal-leaning, secular society, but if you want to increase the birth rate you have to Emphasize traditional values,” Ian tweeted.

Why it matters: Musk has repeatedly raised concerns about the imminent threat to the world’s population Birth rates have fallen in many countries and in some cases have fallen below replacement levels.

This massive population decline brings with it numerous societal, economic and environmental challenges, including an aging population, overburdened public services, etc potential staff shortage.

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