Dogecoins DOGE/USD co-creator Bill Markus commented Tesla Inc TSLA chairman Elon Musk’s now revived bid Twitter Inc TWTR.

What happened: Markus’ comments came on Twitter on Tuesday. He said whether Musk buys Twitter and does better, or ends up ruining the platform, it’s a “win-win.”

When a user suggested what if Musk decided to just delete Twitter, Markus said, “Seems like a great idea to me.”

Another Twitter user asked what if Musk banned all crypto accounts and then made Twitter better, “but without us?!”

Markus said he could then “get a more productive hobby” – adding “win-win-win”.

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Why it matters: Dogecoin profits surpassed that of other major coins On Tuesday, Musk is considered a DOGE bull in intraday trading who can integrate the memecoin into the Jack Dorsey-based platform.

Tuesday, Musk indicated the formation of “X”. a super app that can do everything and includes Twitter. However, it’s unclear what features this yet-to-be-built app would have.

Musk and Twitter did involved in a lawsuit after the entrepreneur terminated a contract to purchase the social media site.

Price promotion: Both Twitter shares and Dogecoin surged Tuesday. Shares of the platform rose 22.3% to $52.01, while DOGE traded 7.6% higher at $0.06, according to Bitcoin Trader Data from Benzinga Pro.

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