Energy Sector Secrets And Innovative-Large Scale Solutions Presented At The 2022 ESI Summit ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Energy Sector Secrets And Innovative-Large Scale Solutions Presented At The 2022 ESI Summit ~ Prodigy Press Wire



After the recent success of the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ESI) Summit presented by Henosis Foundation, many in the media, technology, and business sector have been abuzz with the new information shared with those present at this prestigious event. The summit, which assembled influential leaders in the energy and infrastructure industries, discussed big-picture solutions in the energy sector, one such challenge being the immediate need for innovative, deployable, and commercially feasible alternative energy solutions. The attendees of the summit were left with the divine energy that emanated when heroic leaders come together with the shared goal of transforming the world.

One major takeaway from this summit was the work of featured partner, Texas’ own Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI), a groundbreaking force in alternative energy, led by Georg Engelmann, President, and CEO, and Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Board Member, successful and highly merited inventor with a career stretching back over the last 5 decades.

Many have lost sight of the early origins, motivations, and goals of the global environmental movement towards maintaining and preserving our planet, and how recently this movement began. Just decades ago in 1968, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations included environmental issues for the first time as a specific discussion item, and organized the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. From that point onward, growth in demand for energy solutions rapidly expanded along with the need for clean water, as global populations grew.

From the late 1970’s onward, the world began to recognize a slew of environmental incidents and event catastrophes around the world, connecting into a constellation of impact. These incidents ranged from the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island, to the EPA intervention at Love Canal, the introduction of gasohol into our cars, and the sinking of whaling ships in…


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