Enertel partners with Haymaker to expand mineral management…

Enertel partners with Haymaker to expand mineral management…


HOUSTON – October 5, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

Enertel Advisors (“Enertel”) is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Haymaker Minerals & Royalties III, LLC (“Haymaker”) who will lead Enertel’s development of its newly released mineral management platform. The partnership began during the development and launch of Enertel’s QuantumCast: Minerals, a comprehensive platform for mineral portfolio managers that combines the best of deposit assessment, mineral management and financial modeling capabilities.

Fred Enochs, CEO of Enertel, stated: “Enertel has been developing customized data management solutions for the entire energy sector for years. We find the mineral space particularly attractive as mineral managers are always looking for efficiencies and there are no robust solutions on the market to address many of the existing pain points. Haymaker’s experience managing tens of thousands of wells on behalf of institutional investors provides us with the fundamental information we need to solve these problems.”

Karl Brensike, Haymaker’s Managing Partner, explained: “Having been in the minerals space since 2004, there really weren’t any third-party software solutions. When we started Haymaker, we decided to build our own proprietary systems and manage everything in-house, which required additional staff and costs. With Haymaker III, these high demands have led us to look for a fully outsourced solution that can do things better, faster and is equipped with continuous innovation. Enertel is clearly the market leader in our opinion, so the decision to partner and work together to further develop their platform was a good decision.”

Enochs added, “Many vendors can pull disparate public and private data into one dashboard, but we build solutions that drive decision making better than anyone. A key differentiator is the integration of our QuantumCast forecasting tool, which predicts every well in the…

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