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EO Canada Bridge Branch welcomes its youngest member

Contributor Marina Bizhanova, Member and founder of EO Canada Bridge Leading brand This helps customers Build a strong personal brand(Photo: Marina prepares to toast Brandon Lanaldi, the newest and youngest member of her club.)

This is a proud moment EO Canada Bridge——The coolest chapter in the region, we proudly call it! We are happy to welcome our youngest member of the club, and I feel the need to share his incredible success story with everyone in the world.

Meet Brandan Ranaldi, a 23-year-old student entrepreneur. We first met Brandon when he was participating in a local GSEA competition. Then we welcome him to join the EO accelerator course. We are now very happy to call him a peer, because he joined EO as a member and not only met but greatly exceeded the eligibility criteria.

This is his story.

Brandan Ranaldi has always been passionate about outdoor activities and the use of wood. He and Justin Szekely started building decks when they were teenagers. Since they were too young to drive, they rode bicycles to work and balanced the kits on the handlebars.

Now they have Ace of Decks Inc., One of the largest deck construction companies in Quebec.They did all this before the age of 25, and at the same time had to deal with the requirements of full-time civil engineering students

This is a story we all share with the children, isn’t it?

according to Royal Bank of Canada Economic Research Report 2019 According to the findings of Statistics Canada, Ranaldi is one of the “1.7% of all entrepreneurs” under 30 in Canada. Royal Bank of Canada attributed such a low percentage to the economic pressure exerted by higher education on aspiring entrepreneurs, hindering their ability to start a business while still in school.

This is why things like EO Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) is influential and necessary. As the premier global competition for students who own and run businesses during their full-time college or university studies, GSEA provides young entrepreneurs Opportunities to obtain financial relief, valuable contacts and tool support.

Ranaldi and Szekely won the local GSEA competition and entered the Canadian national competition in January 2018. Be part of EO GSEA.

“GSEA has brought us great value,” he shared. “Although the value has nothing to do with winning GSEA Canada four years ago, the real value actually comes from preparing for the speech itself, perfecting our mission, our goals and our core values.”

Once his company reached the $1 million revenue threshold, Ranaldi was eager to join EO.

“I want to sit with other like-minded, aggressive and successful entrepreneurs,” he said. “A safe place to exchange ideas, listen and share experiences we can all learn from.”

Ranaldi values ​​the experience EO provides and the ability to meet inspiring people and tell incredible stories. He participated in our first chapter retreat this year and was very suitable-this kind of intimacy (= instant intimacy) is beyond doubt.

With the continuous development of the deck Ace, Ranaldi has a lofty vision and ambition to match it. He will look forward to his newly discovered EOers community to guide him, share experience and support him throughout his journey.

On behalf of EO Canada Bridge and the global EO community: Welcome to this big family, Brandan!

For more insights and inspiration from today’s leading entrepreneurs, check out EO on Inc. And more from And blog.

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