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Essential to exclusive inventory of organic pet food series Yarrah

important pet Group, one A wholesale supplier of pet supplies based in the UK, there are Become the exclusive distributor of the 100% organic pet food series Yarrah.

Yarrah is one of Europe’s leading organic pet food brands, offering a full range of high-quality cat food and snacks.

in partnership Yarrah has partnered with Vital to develop an “innovation plan” for marketing campaigns to support retailers who are preparing to create or expand their organic product line.

Stockists will be able to order a free-standing display unit (FSDU), which can store a variety of products. Every time FSDU is purchased, there will be a marketing support budget used to “help drive customers to the store”.

Yarrah has also developed point-of-sale (POS) packaging, which includes shelf rockers, posters, and floor stickers to help improve communication about organic benefits.

Gerwin Boer, Yarrah’s UK Sales Manager, said: “Pet owners are increasingly looking for healthy pet food and trusted brands. We are proud of our transparency and ability to bring ethical and sustainable pet food into the UK. . Our food and snacks are of the highest quality at all stages of animal life.”

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