Ethereum (ETH/USD) – Google celebrates Ethereum merger with new search

Ethereum (ETH/USD) – Google celebrates Ethereum merger with new search


Before the Ethereum merger, Google celebrates with an Easter egg found on its search page. Here’s how to find it and why Google implemented it.

What happened: Search engine giant Google, a unit of alphabet inc WELLGoogleshares details of the Ethereum merger and counts down the time for the much-anticipated event ether ETH/USD.

The merger will change Ethereum from a proof-of-work cryptocurrency to a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, a move said to use less power.

The Google search for “Merge Ethereum” shows a countdown clock (2 days, 11 hours, 40 minutes) at the time of writing, set the event in the early hours of Thursday, September 15th.

Along with a countdown, Google displays the difficulty rate, hash rate, and merge difficulty.

A cartoon of two happy bears is also shown, an image that will change over time, as reported by decrypt. A panda, which is the mascot for the Ethereum merge, will be created when the two bears team up.

“The search team worked with this and made it incredibly fast,” Google Web3 Customer Engineer Sam Padilla told Decrypt. “More recognition should be given to the teams that made this possible.”

Padilla said the idea came from some Google employees who wanted to include a “cool Easter egg” that referenced the Ethereum merge.

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Why it matters: Seen as one of the biggest cryptocurrency events for 2022, The Ethereum merger could change the outlook for the cryptocurrency going forward.

Ethereum has often been used and cited as a network for leading companies and NFTs, but has also been dismissed for its high energy consumption.

Alphabet has been one of the largest investors in the Web3 space, acquiring companies in the industry and investing in many emerging brands in the space.

Google’s Easter egg is the latest in big business, highlighting major events in the cryptocurrency world and potentially validating their longevity and use cases.


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