European Stocks Remain Shattered by Russia-Ukraine War: It Could…

European Stocks Remain Shattered by Russia-Ukraine War: It Could…


As the SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF SPEU With the stock down around 32% year-to-date, this could be the best moment to look for stocks that are undervalued in the European stock market. The SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF seeks to track the performance of the STOXX Europe Total Market Index, which is the European equivalent of the S&P 500 Index here in the US

The pitfalls in European equities can largely be traced back to the war between Russia and Ukraine, as the Kremlin used exports of its oil and energy products as leverage in response to sanctions. On the other hand, investing in European stocks can be a great way to diversify one’s portfolio, especially after the beatdown these stocks have taken.
Here are two high-yielding European stocks poised to recover from their sharp declines.

Royal Philips PHG offers a dividend yield of 6.00%, or 96 cents per share annually, with a mixed track record of growing its dividends. Koninklijke Philips is a diversified global healthcare company operating through three segments including Diagnosis & Treatment, Connected Care and Personal Health.

The Company intends to have 19,571,218 shares delivered through the early settlement of futures contracts (entered under the same share repurchase program) and also to cancel them, which would result in 869,743,864 shares of common stock outstanding at year-end 2022.

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Astra Zeneca PLC. AZN offers a dividend yield of 3.56%, or $1.96 per share annually through semi-annual payments, with a notable track record of a one-time increase in its dividends over the past year. AstraZeneca sells branded drugs in several major therapeutic classes, including gastrointestinal, diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer and immunology drugs, and most of its sales come from international markets, with the United States accounting for nearly a third of sales.

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