Even Mix announced that the company had updated the shopping section of its website with a host of new features that would make shopping faster and easier. The new features include an easier-to-navigate interface along with sorting and filtering functions. According to the company, the new features should make it faster and easier for people to find the tote mixers and digital drive machines they want.

Even Mix recently announced that the company had redesigned its website. The newly redesigned website was poised to make it easier for buyers to find and purchase the mixers needed. However, based on feedback from potential buyers, the company said that a couple of new features would be added to improve the shopping experience.

Even MixTM is best known for using the latest technology and aerospace engineering design to build pump technology and state-of-the-art variable pitch blades, bringing true mixing technology
Even Mix – Tote & Drum Mixers

It is expected that Even Mix will add a couple of new features in the coming days. However, the company has asked buyers, new and existing, to offer feedback. Readers can learn more about Even Mix’s line of tote and other mixers by visiting: https://evenmix.com/shop/.

“At Even Mix, we aim to ensure that buyers have an impeccable experience. That said, we aim to improve the shopping experience and will continue to tweak the interface and other parts of the website over the next couple of weeks and months. However, we rely on your feedback, which is why if you see something that does not work as it should, or you can recommend an improvement, we would love to hear from you.” Said a spokesperson for Even Mix.

She added, “Even Mix is dedicated to ensuring that buyers enjoy our products and the experience of purchasing from us. We will continue to make every effort to ensure a great experience.”

Even Mix has become one of the leaders in the industrial tote mixing industry over the years. The company’s tote mixers are known for being more powerful, lighter, and yet highly energy-efficient, thanks to their patented pitched blade design.

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Even MixTM is best known for using the latest…


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