Extensiv launches Network Manager, enabling 3PLs to create collaborative…

Extensiv launches Network Manager, enabling 3PLs to create collaborative…


New software enables 3PLs to grow by creating and managing 4PL networks that expand their geographic footprint

EL SEGUNDO, California – July 26, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

Extensive – Providing omnichannel software solutions for warehousing, inventory and order management – announced today Extensive Network Manager to help Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) build and manage networks of geographically dispersed partner warehouses where a brand’s inventory is distributed across and shipped from multiple warehouses, enabling more cost-effective, expedited delivery options while preserving customer relationships remain, risk and capital expenditure are reduced.

Extensive Network Manager combines software, services, tools and relationships that enable any 3PL, even those operating from a single warehouse, to work closely with other 3PLs to serve brands across multiple geographically dispersed warehouses. Unlike current home-grown solutions that 3PLs may have cobbled together, Extensiv Network Manager provides the key features needed to build and operate a hybrid network, including sophisticated order-routing rules and complete visibility and control over all orders, regardless of which node sends it.

Previously, 3PLs wanting to build this type of advanced logistics network (4PL) had to raise massive rounds of funding to pay for the costly software development associated with these models. For the first time, Extensiv Network Manager offers a product offering that enables even 3PLs with limited technical skills to build and operate a software-enabled fulfillment network to compete with the likes of Ship Bob and Deliverr. Furthermore, unlike self-developed software solutions, Extensiv Network Manager is a cloud-based, fully produced and supported product that is continuously being developed and improved.

Extensive Network Manager leverages the company’s extensive experience working with 3PLs and its industry-leading 3PL…


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