The Federal Flight Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation into SpaceX spaceship after its explosion last week.

What happened: The FAA will oversee the spacecraft’s “mishap investigation,” the agency said in a statement. Until the FAA determines that the mishap does not affect public safety, Starship will not be able to fly again.

“During the climb and before the stage split, an anomaly occurred which resulted in the loss of the vehicle. There were no reported injuries or damage to public property,” the FAA noted of the launch and subsequent explosion.

SpaceX led the first test launch of Starship last Thursday. The missile exploded less than four minutes after launch, damaging the starbase’s launch pad and rain dust on the residents of Port Isabel, Texas.

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Why it matters: The FAA investigation will determine the cause of the mishap and recommend actions to prevent a recurrence. It can be completed in a matter of weeks or take several months, depending on the circumstances, the federal agency says on its website.

However, Musk said on Saturday that the Starship could be ready to start again in 1 to 2 months after repairing the starbase launch site damage.

Touted as “the greatest rocket of all time“Starship is an important part of Musk’s dreams of creating life”multiplanetary“. In 2020, Musk said he would send one Millions of people to Mars by 2050 on board Starship.

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