FAMEEX Launches 6 Different Languages Support to Meet Local Communities Demand ~ Prodigy Press Wire

FAMEEX Launches 6 Different Languages Support to Meet Local Communities Demand ~ Prodigy Press Wire



FAMEEX announced on Monday the launch of its new global customer service in 6 different languages varying from Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish…, etc. Aiming to build and lead this ecosystem to be more understanding in the world, FAMEEX is striving to localize its service as customer acquisition, retention, and services are executed using the local language support with 200,000 users worldwide.

Global users will now be able to speak with customer service representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of holidays. The company said the 24/7 support for the local language is part of a broader effort to expand reliability and accessibility, as well as answer time-sensitive requests from its customers.

To access the service, users can request a live chat through the FAMEEX app or website and receive a notification when they are next in line for the local language conversation. The company is scaling up its customer service due to higher volumes and confusing communication.

“Our new languages support was quite well received by the local audience from Vietnamese to Russian and we believe getting our service upgrade in more local languages will help us go a step further in achieving our value to support our users. We need to help everyone feel that they’re ready to become investors, that they belong, and that they’ll get the support in their comfortable languages.,” said Hunter Shannon, one of the founders of FAMEEX. The company is on track to grow its customer services unit by a factor of 2 1/2 this year.

Customer service, or a lack thereof, has become a serious issue for many cryptocurrency traders. Crypto exchange support has been panned as uniformly bad in large part because trading platforms are unable to scale their support staff quickly enough. For this reason, this is why FAMEEX aims in upgrading our local support worldwide to better help our customers.

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