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Family Foundation’s pets launch the largest Christmas fundraiser ever

Pets in the house The foundation launched its annual festival fundraising program this week, aiming to raise its largest ever goal of £2.2 million to support rescue pets nationwide.

It was reported earlier this month that there are currently more than 1.1 million British pets homeless in the UK.

Now in its eighth year, the foundation requires pet parents to support their activities by donating as little as £1 to help feed rescue pets during this holiday season.

Amy Wilson, fundraising manager for Family Foundation Pets, said: “We hope that our Christmas fundraising will be our largest fundraising event in our history, which is very important to help us support rescue pets in the UK.

“Last year we managed to raise £2 million, which is incredible, and 2021 We want to go further. We are always surprised by the level of support we receive, and I believe this year will not be any different. “

She added: “Although there are millions of pets living in a loving home this Christmas, many people are looking for one, and the needs of these different pets are becoming more and more complex.”

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