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Family irritated by the destruction of Freud’s Garden of Memory; cemetery owner promises to investigate | Rome News Tribune

David Kay was the first person to report with Rome News-Tribune, and he discussed the huge rut through the grave in the Floyd Memory Garden at 411 East U.S. . Operating heavy equipment on rain-drenched soil will not only cause huge ruts, but also damage a large number of tombstones and vases.

Donna Jones also reported the graves of her mother-in-law’s parents Bessie and Jesse James Wheeler.

Jones said: “They broke and both vases were torn off.” She said that she had no success in dealing with the management of the cemetery to replace the serious markings. Jones said she wanted to fix the rut, but she said time can solve the problem. She said: “But I think it is absolutely necessary to replace the tombstone.”

Then, Sonia Vinson reported that her father James Gibson was buried in the wrong grave a week and a half ago.

Vincent said: “We bought the plot the day before his funeral.” She received a call from the cemetery, saying that he was buried in the wrong conspiracy. Vincent said: “Now they say it’s not the wrong plot, they just sold it twice.” “They told us that he would move him to the top near the cross. Of course, the plot there is $3,300 higher. We The land I bought was $1,840. I said no, we can’t do that because I have to buy a land. For my mother. They said they won’t charge for his mother, and I said, “That’s a matter of course. “

Kay said that it turns out that the equipment that damaged the graves of both parents was actually a grave dug for Vinson’s father.

A spokesperson for StoneMor sent an email to the Rome News Forum with the content: “We sincerely apologize to the families concerned and plan to repair any damage as soon as possible. We have started an internal investigation into this matter.”

Kay said he has contacted a local lawyer to find out if there are any remedies to resolve the situation, and has sent a copy of the contract to lawyer Steve Bennett for the funeral and permanent burial of his parents. Residence. Kay said it is possible to work with other problematic teams to file a class action lawsuit to remedy the problem.

Kay said: “But this is slightly different from most class actions because you have to hunt down all heirs.” “Just because you are a son or a daughter does not make you their heir.”

Vincent said that what really bothered her was that the company did not express any regrets. “There is no’sorry’. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal,” Vincent said.

A StoneMor spokesperson said the company is still investigating the issue of Gibson inserts.

StoneMor has owned a Roman cemetery since 2005. Last fall, a review of maintenance-related issues was conducted mainly at the Oaknoll Memorial Gardens.

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